Yellow Lockdown


From March 17th to May 10th 2020 in France, as in most countries around the globe, we were told to stay at home because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Spring was starting and the weather was particularly sunny for that time of the year. My wife Nausicaa, our little dog June and myself were confined in our apartment in Paris. As the days went by, I felt the need to photograph this very particular period. Going outside felt very stressful and I wanted to respect the «stay at home» order which, as we were told, was the only way to slow down the pandemic. So I searched within. My wife and I have been together for 30 years and I photographed her on different moments of our lives. A new period was starting for us as both our sons left home, the youngest one only a couple of months ago. It had been quite a while since we hadn’t made pictures together and now the circumstances made her my muse again. The sun came into the apartment twice a day. I hung a yellow gelatin filter against the window. The yellow light somehow symbolized these altered times. June kept us company and the amaryllis flower which someone gave us started to blossom. The days went by in an unusual tempo. And I really enjoyed it. We both did. It was a great period and now I miss it.

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